HODA expecting to increase volumes of new orders

2021 marks an extraordinarily productive and significant year for cluster member UAB Hoda, one of the largest plastic injection moulders in the Baltics, with 3 new clients having joined the pool of its 137 regular customers. Subject to the projects being implemented on time as scheduled, the head of the company Raimundas Gražys estimates that “it is planning to reach over 20 million in turnover for the first time in the company’s history.”

Like other industries, UAB Hoda has been facing a shortage of raw materials used for manufacturing purposes during the pandemic period; however, the company’s technologies manager Egidijus Gražys claims that there is an ongoing search for alternatives so as to avoid disappointing customers and delayed deliveries of production. As it stands now, the company manages to fulfil its orders on time as it has put efforts to ensure the supply of necessary raw materials via its own channels. The second challenge faced by the company at this moment is a shortage of technical staff holding the necessary expertise. It is expected, nonetheless, to attract the staff in the foreseeable future from the major cities across Lithuania by offering them an appealing benefit package.

According to the head of the company Mr. Gražys, the company’s expansion through the introduction of new equipment has recently left no room for physical growth. Therefore, it is planned in the next 3 years to have a 5,000 sq m warehouse built for raw materials and a centralised raw material feeding system introduced to help ensure an even greater number of orders and a chance of securing a position in new markets.