Innovative 3D printing services by 3D Creative

The year 2021 is abundant in orders for 3D Creative UAB, the largest plastic and sand 3D printing business in the Baltic States. CEO of the company Saulius Lileikis estimates that, by the end of the year, turnover will increase 40% to 50% as compared to previous year.

The company invests in digitalisation processes and purchases innovative industrial printers of various size, which enables it to broaden the range of its services. At present the company owns 50 industrial printers of various types and the latest one in addition is industrial SLS 3D printer Prodways. Next acquisition of 3D Creative of a new-generation 3D scanner enables for clients to get the digital models with very high accuracy, which performs accuracy of 9 microns.

3D Creative sells its products and services both in Lithuania and abroad, and expects a further increase in the number of clients and revenue.