Putokšnis adopts a new DOLOOP trademark

Putokšnis UAB adopts a new DOLOOP trademark as a sign of its focus on sustainability

Putokšnis UAB, a private company which is one of the leading manufacturers of PET packaging in Lithuania has adopted a new DOLOOP trademark. This reflects new orientation of the company toward sustainable production and zero-emission packaging solutions.  DOLOOP means operation based on the principles of circular economy, where the impact on the environment is reduced through efficient use of electricity and raw materials, development of renewable packaging, and solutions that enable all partners in the value chain to operate sustainably and responsibly.

‘Our company is very well aware that it operates in a global world where everything is interlinked. Today, the greatest challenge is the adverse effects of climate change that touch upon everyone without exclusion. As manufacturers of packaging that is among the most recyclable and popular types of packaging – PET, we assume responsibility and demonstrate leadership by developing and providing sustainable solutions that are not limited to production. These daily efforts are embodied in a new trademark, which also marks a strategic line of activities of the company,’ – says Dovydas Stulpinas, Managing Director of DOLOOP.

The company consistently works toward development of a zero-emission packaging: solutions based on energy and raw material efficiency are used in production processes, products of eco-innovative design are created and offered to customers.

100% of electricity used in production is generated from renewable energy sources. Implementation of energy saving measures enabled the company to cut its energy costs per product by more than one-fifth. A PET production waste recycling unit ensures manufacturing process without waste; packaging created according to the principle of regenerative design helps resolve issues of sustainability related to the entire product life cycle.

According to Dovydas Stulpinas, ‘in the era of circular economy, manufacturers of packaging are closely related to the manufacturers of the end product, and to processors as well, which means that our operations exceed the limits of usual commercial cooperation. We are all united by the same purpose of preserving this world for future generations. By operating according to the concept of open and fair business, we develop renewable packaging solutions that produce a global impact and reduce the negative impact of the product’s footprint. This is the only way into sustainable future for all of us.’

The new DOLOOP brand symbolises cyclical nature of production. The interlinked letters represent the symbol of infinity and the path of circular production chosen by the company. The green colour of the logo emphasises the aspect of sustainability of environmentally-friendly production and enhances the effect of the closed production circle.

The new corporate trademark and identity were created by  Brandity, a trademark and packaging identify agency; Impact Advisory, a business consultancy, was hired as the project‘s consultant.

About DOLOOP (formerly Putokšnis)

DOLOOP that operates in Šiauliai and Vilnius is one of the leading PET manufacturers in Lithuania. The company specialises in the production of PET blanks and PET bottles. Last year‘s production volumes amounted to almost 1.5 billion PET blanks and almost 35 million PET  bottles. This year the company added PET film to the range of its sustainable packaging products. Customers of the company include well known domestic and foreign producers of beverages. 90% of the products are exported to over 20 countries including Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden etc.

In 2020, the company‘s turnover totalled EUR 46.3 million and its net profit was EUR 2.09 million. The company employed 157 people as of October 2021.