3D scanning for accurate measurements

In 2021, cluster members, the 3D Creative company presented an innovation to its B2B clients: digitization of factories, buildings, bridges and other facilities (real estate as well as equipment), using 3D scanning and reverse-engineering.

How can you benefit from working with 3D Creative?

Companies want to update their production equipment or at least some part of it, and for that reason they need to have a drawing of the layout of the existing equipment. It is much more efficient and much faster to perform this task using 3D scanning instead of measuring by hand and creating a drawing manually.

Having a digital file, the client can arrange the planned new equipment in a 3D model, and the equipment manufacturer does not need to travel to the facilities (factory, workshop), perhaps even several times, to check and confirm the measurements. Everything is done in a digital environment. Human resources are saved, and the new equipment is installed faster.

It is very important that a lot of valuable time is saved and the highest level of precision is maintained, avoiding possible errors from manual measurement. The digitization of large spaces is already becoming the standard solution when performing measurements as well as when simulating potential changes in the arrangement of facilities, by preparing visualizations.

Exmples of 3D Creative projects: