The Membership in Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster

We are thrilled to announce that the Lithuanian Plastics Cluster, coordinated by LINPRA, has officially joined the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards fostering collaboration and innovation in the plastics industry.

Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley, known as the industrial hub of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland, has emerged as a leader in various sectors including toolmaking, plastics processing, electro-machinery, and more. It’s a region that boasts around 900 companies dedicated to polymer materials processing and about 50 toolmakers.

Our membership in the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster Tool Valley opens up new avenues for cooperation among our now 130-strong member base and the extensive network in Bydgoszcz. We look forward to leveraging these opportunities to drive innovation and growth within our industries.

Join us in celebrating this achievement and stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative projects and initiatives!